Welcome to the home of your self improvement guide. I believe you can be better than you are because the largest room in the world is that of self improvement. So, I am here to inspire and to guide you to be better than your best.

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12 Requirements for Prosperity: Dr David Oyedepo Example

Prosperity which is “the state of being prosperous; advance or gain in anything good or desirable; successful progress in any business or enterprise; attainment of the object desired…,” [1] according to Dr David Oyedepo, Africa’s richest prosperity gospel preacher and pastor, is a covenant practice that demands your input first in order to provoke the …

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Keys To Solving Life Problems


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Good morning my people. I’ve been blessed reading David Orji’s books especially the latest one ‘ Keys to Solving Life Problems .’  I urge you to read and support our very own. My brother David I’m so proud of you and I must tell you that the song you sang on that podium has lifted me as I embark on my mission possible. With him alone we can make it. Thanks for sharing and kudos to you bro, many more blessings.

Don IC

Having been with you for a reasonable time I know the stuff you are made of, a man of God with adequate knowledge of The Word Of God, You are a blessing to our generation and anyone that listened to your sermon or read your book will attest to my claim therefore keep teaching and writing we will keep learning and reading from you, Congratulations!

Nwachukwu Garlop Eke